BAMA is always looking for new talents, especially for athletic muscular males, lean athletic females and curvy females. Older males and females with character and panache are most welcome.  Dance, theatre and other performing arts background is highly desirable. Expressiveness, creativity, intelligence and professionalism are high priority in our search.

To audition

Please email for more detailed information and application form.


  • 21 and over

  • Social Security # and a valid ID or license #

  • Current mailing address, phone # and email address


If accepted by BAMA, you must do a model orientation.

  • One-time initiation fee of $200 and refundable model deposit of $200 payable at the model orientation.

  • Agree to complete and sign necessary documentation including

    • Waiver of Liability

    • Independent Contractor Non-Compete Agreement

    • Model Agreement

    • W9

    • etc.

  • Agree to have photos posted on the BAMA website*


     *Model photos are used for reference only. They must be of professional quality. Model’s webpage will not include photo credit.

       If you are using your own photos you must have your photographer's consent before we post them on our website.

Become A Model