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Becoming a Client

Becoming a client with BAMA is easy!
First, read our General Client Guidelines before submitting your completed Client Application Form.

                                          to download a client application form.

After completion, mail the form along with your one-time client set-up fee (see below) payable to

BAMA PO Box 6664, Albany, CA 94706

Client fee schedule:
   Individual artist: $30
(15 people max):  $55

   Groups (16+ people):  $80
(commercial/entertainment):  $115


You will receive a call when the form is received. We will contact your references first before a model is scheduled.


Generally, we need a week’s notice to book a model. We need at least 2-3 week’s advance notice for out-of-town assignments, extended sessions, especially with a specific model or body type. This gives us more time to schedule your preferred model. We will honor a very late (same day) booking but we will charge a $18 late booking fee payable to BAMA.

Client Guidelines
Clients are expected to provide a safe and clean environment for the models.

  1. Model stand must be padded. Clean sheets and pillows must be provided especially if the model is expected to recline.

  2. Model stand with wheels must have a braking device.

  3. Room must be kept warm especially during the cold season. A heater must be accessible.

    Model may have to pose clothed if room is not warm enough.

  4. There must be enough privacy. Only participants allowed in the room when model is posing.

    Curtains must be drawn, doors must be closed.

  5. No cell phone use while model is posing.

  6. No smoking and toxic fumes.

  7. No cameras. Surveillance cameras must be covered. We request that photographing of

    artworks be done duringthe break and not while model is posing.

  8. Any session with the model which includes reference photography must be arranged  with BAMA prior to any model booking.

    Photography rate of $160 an hour will be charged payable to the model.

  9. The model stand is for model’s use only.

  10. Model should never be touched without their permission.


Models are not expected to take poses that are uncomfortable and difficult to hold. Please let us know if you’re looking for a model with special skills like an acrobat or dancer to perform physically challenging poses.

BAMA models observe the standard modeling format. A model works in 20 minute segments of short or long poses with a 5 minute break after each segment. By mutual consent a model may hold a pose longer than 20 minutes and take a longer break.

All future booking assignments with BAMA models must be arranged through BAMA. We’ll be happy to book the same model as often as you wish depending of course on their availability. To avoid a double booking please make sure we have not already booked a model before scheduling a model from another agency or elsewhere or you will be responsible for compensating both models.


Can I cancel my booking?
If you wish to cancel a booking please let us know a week in advance or 5 business days or the model will have to be fully compensated. If you’re unsure your session will happen, let us know anyway. We may be able to provide a model on short notice.


What happens if a model doesn't show?

A no show may occur even with the most professional models. If it does happen, BAMA will guarantee you will get a free modeling session as a credit. If a model has not arrived and you have not heard from them, please give us a call @ 510-528-2269.  If the booking coordinator is not available or able to find a replacement, you will receive a full credit. If a model arrives late, you may ask them to make up the time and they will. They’re professional.

Questions or Comment:

We appreciate any feedback from our clients about our services.

Comments can be mailed to BAMA, POB 6664 Albany, CA 94706 or email -

We reserve the right to refuse service or terminate a business relationship.

A client may terminate business relationship with BAMA in writing.

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